Marine Communications
Using the mobile network to communicate whilst out on the water is significantly cheaper than using satellite to keep in touch- most of the time it is one fifth of the price of satellite. Powertec has a range of GSM and 3G hardware for voice, fax and data communication whilst you are in a marine environment ..... more

Call Cost Reduction

With over ten years experience of providing Call Cost Reduction Solutions (also known as Least Cost Routing), Powertec sits comfortably as a leader in the Call Cost Reduction field. There are more mobile phones in Australia than people, and it is a fact that people are making more calls to mobiles than ever before. Powertec has recognised up to 70% of some business’s phone calls are made to a mobile- and a landline to mobile call is significantly more expensive than mobile to mobile calls .... more

Mobile Signal Enhancement

Outdoor cellular repeaters offer a wireless solution to extend the coverage area of a cell tower by amplifying and dispersing a signal to black spots, such as a valley in mountainous terrain .... more

Mobile Office

Powertec’s range of remote communication products enable voice, phone and fax communication in areas where copper wire does not exist. Creating a temporary or mobile office has never been easier than with Powertec’s range of Fixed Wireless Terminals .... more

Phone Systems

Matrix is a leading manufacturer of VoIP, GSM, PABX and Key Phone Systems. An innovative, technology driven and customer focused organization; the company is committed to keeping pace with revolutions in the telecom industry and providing cost effective solutions .... more

Restaurant Pager Systems

The Wireless Waiter provides restaurants, pubs and clubs with an instant calling service for customers via wireless technology. It gives management the ability to manage staff, providing a real time response to customers needs and help to improve staff response times .... more


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